Friday, December 10, 2010

A few things about Cairns

Cairns (is)...

so hawt.
the place they throw people underwater, off planes, cliffs, rocks and what else they can think off like nobody else's business!
overflowing with hunkychunks, Melbs should really import some over!
filled with tourist, they could might as well be run by tourist for tourist!
so humid, you don't feel like doing anything.
an exciting place, you can get excited over nothing.
so hot, literally, you think you're back home.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


think i broke a toe, have two badly bruised knees, a grazed elbow and the abs hurt!...but at least i can still sleep on my left!

on another note (wonders if anyone even visits anymore..but anyhow)the british are quite an interesting bunch and they are the type of fun people to hangout with....well the right ones of course..

omg it's only 5 and i can see the moon already!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pssst..can you keep a secret?

1) ok you know how they usually have that big button for the pedestrian lights? let's just called them pedestrian lights. anywho, we'd all usually jaywalk and not care to wait for the lights to turn red especially when we're late for class because there aren't many cars after all. but then, i found out a few days ago, that pressing the pedestrian buttons can be really fun! the other when i walked back at about 4-ish, considered a peak period since its coming to winter and it gets dark really early, i decided to press the button coz there were a few cars passing. but the cars passed even before the lights turned red and so i crossed la. then after crossing, i looked back and saw....a long stream of cars waiting for the lights to change and that i was the only one crossing. HAHA. i bet they were somewhat pissed. oh what joy can pressing the pedestrian button bring!

2) I THINK I heard my neighbour making out just now....but then it sounded like a pigeon cooing...??HAHA maybe they weren't doing it after all..??

3) there was another one haha but i kinda forgot.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I dream a dream...

A sweet dream after a series of heart-wrenching nights
is like watching a happy ending fairytale,
you watch it,
feel it so real,
to your very own tale,
immersing yourself in the joy,

It feels so good
you wish to lie in bed
wish it never end.

The refreshing end from all the darkness, the fear,
no more tear,
no more pacing heart-beats
but once it ends,
you wake up
and realize it was all made up,
all the butterflies and sweet pies
were just in your head.

No matter how much you wish it true,
all you can do,
is to hold on to that feeling
of unexplainable joy,
oh, the enrapture from a sweet,
sweet dream.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Of the wild wild wind

Im so loving short hair now. you know what's the best thing?
it's that whenever the crazy wind from God knows where blows(especially from behind), hair wouldn't be racing forward ahead of me. also, wind blows = messy hair which with short hair = some kind of ...stylomilo?! hence,...
tip101: either have uber long hair or short hair whenever you're here.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Wanna know what i'm wishing right now??.....that i could watch scrubs all day long! yes i'd love to just do that! Scrubs' like my pills. I take them everyday, twice a day, supposingly once after lunch and another after dinner but quite often they are back-to-backs before dinner. Speaking of which pills, i better pop one now. bye!

(on the search for my own JD)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

They call me Vic, Victoria Beckham.

Oooh...i love the surprises of unpacking. Like how, how good a packer you are depends on how good a stuffer you are. Every now and then, i'll find little surprises tucked here and there, and i'll be like oh i didn't know i had this, which is really fun! you should try it.